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Planting Vineyards

A collection of posts all about the good news of Christ and our new birth, or regeneration, in Him. This section is perfect for the unbeliever, the new believer, or the seasoned daughter who wants to be reminded of her Savior’s sacrifice.

These are foundational teachings for living out our Christian faith. Here we explore what each one means, why it’s foundational to the life of the believer, and how it’s practically applied to our lives.

Here you’ll find other teachings from the word that aren’t a salvation point and aren’t necessarily foundational but are all centered on further understanding the Word of God. Many posts with be expository in nature.

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God’s word

The Meat

After His encounter with the woman at the well, Our Lord spoke of a food that His disciples knew nothing about. (John 4:32-34)

There’s something about fulfilling our Father’s will that feeds our deepest places. When we pour ourselves out to others, we are satisfied.